Sunday, November 25, 2018

Discover Where Corporations are Getting Taxpayer Assistance Across the United States

Article Title: The Subsidy Tracker site was programmed by Rich Puchalsky of Grassroots Connection

Article Snip: "...SUBSIDY TRACKER is the first national search engine for economic development subsidies and other forms of government financial assistance to business..."

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Is the economic payoff worth the huge subsidies used to lure companies to a city/state?

Data centers for Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and others have secured huge tax breaks but created few jobs.

Article Title: US cities and states give big tech $9.3bn in subsidies in five years

Article Snip: "...States and cities argue the tax breaks are necessary to attract the high-paying jobs that technology companies provide. But the list of the biggest giveaways so far shows that the handouts rarely result in significant job creation – and the jobs that are created come with a high price tag..."

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Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement 77 (GASB 77), subsidy tracker at,
Good Jobs First shows that the size of individual handouts appears to be growing.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Mazda, Toyota breaks ground on new facility in Huntsville

Article Title: Mazda, Toyota breaks ground on new facility in Huntsville

Article Snip: "...Work was halted at the construction site during the summer of 2018 to ensure that the spring pygmy sunfish, a threatened species of fish..."

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Remington gets extension on job quotas for Alabama plant

Article Title: Remington gets extension on meeting job quotas for Alabama plant

Article Snip: "...A prominent firearms manufacturer has received an extension on meeting job quotas for its plant in the Rocket City. The Huntsville City Council is giving Remington Outdoor Co. until 2022...agreed to hire 680 employees by 2017. The company has only hired 450..."

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